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Best Paying Jobs in Hong Kong

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Radiology137,646 HKD
2.   Periodontist125,345 HKD
3.   Forensic Pathologist114,146 HKD
4.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine104,815 HKD
5.   Dietician96,963 HKD
6.   Chief Financial Officer87,721 HKD
7.   Correctional Treatment Specialist82,914 HKD
8.   Director77,692 HKD
9.   Area Sales Director75,207 HKD
10.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor73,371 HKD
11.   Financial Services Manager72,208 HKD
12.   College Dean70,749 HKD
13.   Chief Operating Officer70,129 HKD
14.   Program Manager69,232 HKD
15.   Pharmacy Manager68,126 HKD
16.   Skin Care Specialist67,565 HKD
17.   Cash Management Manager67,262 HKD
18.   Finance Executive66,526 HKD
19.   Medical Affairs Director66,118 HKD
20.   Professor - Biology65,543 HKD
21.   Director of Accreditation64,943 HKD
22.   Litigation Attorney64,460 HKD
23.   Global Technical Lead63,927 HKD
24.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager63,508 HKD
25.   Procurement Manager63,018 HKD
26.   Purchasing and Product Development Director62,615 HKD
27.   General Manager62,175 HKD
28.   Neonatologist61,878 HKD
29.   Director of Client Services61,261 HKD
30.   Political Scientist60,794 HKD
31.   Project Sales Executive60,140 HKD
32.   Client Account Manager59,756 HKD
33.   Foreign Exchange Manager59,481 HKD
34.   Geophysicist59,055 HKD
35.   Life Scientist58,336 HKD
36.   Location Manager58,026 HKD
37.   Geoscientist57,651 HKD
38.   Marketing Consultant57,016 HKD
39.   Duty Manager56,653 HKD
40.   Sales Account Manager56,077 HKD
41.   Aviation Safety Manager55,498 HKD
42.   Campaign Manager55,237 HKD
43.   Debt Adviser54,756 HKD
44.   Hotel Sales Manager54,298 HKD
45.   Physical Scientist53,952 HKD
46.   Human Resources Consultant53,598 HKD
47.   Approval Team Manager53,280 HKD
48.   Assistant Information Technology Project Manager53,026 HKD
49.   Lab Manager52,805 HKD
50.   Human Resources Services Manager52,634 HKD
51.   Director of Engineering52,441 HKD
52.   Information Technology Project Director52,233 HKD
53.   Clinical Biochemist52,025 HKD
54.   Telecommunication Solution Architect51,640 HKD
55.   Data Scientist51,432 HKD
56.   Technical Service Director51,126 HKD
57.   Xray Tech50,918 HKD
58.   Director of Process Simplification50,736 HKD
59.   Management Consultant50,611 HKD
60.   Dental Therapist50,457 HKD
61.   Medical Office Manager50,299 HKD
62.   Career Counselor50,161 HKD

How much money does a person working in Hong Kong make?

46,083 HKD per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Hong Kong typically earns around 46,083 HKD per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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