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Average Salary Survey in France

Average Monthly Salary in France: 4,554 EUR
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in France

 Maximum17,000 EUR
 Average4,554 EUR
 Median3,750 EUR
 Minimum795 EUR

Salary Comparison By Job Category (Average Monthly Salary)

Job CategoryAverage Salary
Accounting and Finance5,768 EUR
Administration / Reception / Secretarial2,040 EUR
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management3,239 EUR
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense2,588 EUR
Architecture3,417 EUR
Automotive4,292 EUR
Banking4,676 EUR
Business Planning4,144 EUR
Construction / Building / Installation3,658 EUR
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers2,900 EUR
Customer Service and Call Center2,645 EUR
Electrical and Electronics Trades2,102 EUR
Engineering3,955 EUR
Environmental6,817 EUR
Executive and Management7,193 EUR
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair1,350 EUR
Factory and Manufacturing3,339 EUR
Fashion and Apparel4,005 EUR
Fitness / Hair / Beauty1,200 EUR
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering2,688 EUR
Fundraising and Non Profit3,583 EUR
Health and Medical5,508 EUR
Human Resources5,519 EUR
Import and Export3,750 EUR
Information Technology4,395 EUR
Insurance4,746 EUR
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire1,760 EUR
Legal5,278 EUR
Marketing4,460 EUR
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment2,500 EUR
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining4,872 EUR
Pet Care16,667 EUR
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology4,583 EUR
Public Relations3,617 EUR
Purchasing and Inventory3,306 EUR
Quality Control and Compliance3,850 EUR
Real Estate4,000 EUR
Sales Retail and Wholesale4,546 EUR
Science and Technical Services3,965 EUR
Teaching / Education3,463 EUR
Telecommunication4,528 EUR

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Salary Comparison By City (Average Monthly Salary)

CityAverage Salary
Aix-en-Provence3,213 EUR
Angers4,958 EUR
Bordeaux2,833 EUR
Caen2,972 EUR
Clermont-Ferrand2,148 EUR
Dijon3,617 EUR
Grenoble4,531 EUR
Le Havre3,833 EUR
Lille2,729 EUR
Lyon3,932 EUR
Marseille2,597 EUR
Metz3,100 EUR
Montpellier3,226 EUR
Mulhouse2,250 EUR
Nancy5,979 EUR
Nantes4,839 EUR
Nice4,967 EUR
Other3,635 EUR
Paris5,033 EUR
Rennes4,547 EUR
Rouen4,830 EUR
Strasbourg3,250 EUR
Toulouse3,161 EUR

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